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* Trading derivatives and leveraged products involves a high level of risk. Please be aware of risk involved and consult your own financial advisor.

  • BTST Screener for working professional
  • MACD+MFI screener for working professional
  • Momentum stock screener @9.20 am
  • 5/15/60 min Break out screener
  • Price action screener
  • Price volume screener
  • OHLC screener
  • Tornado screener for technical trader.
  • Over sold/bought intraday screener

Knowledge is a wise investment.

Intraday Scanner

Get access to 20+ different Intraday stock screener tools and learn how to use it with tutorial videos. Scanner helps in saving time as it scans stocks in real time.

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Open Demat account with us and use Intraday screener free and clear your doubts any time.

Online training

You can join our Online Advance Technical Analysis Training course to become independent. Watch what our Trainees say about training from different states.

Knowledge is always a good investment and good friend as it remains with you till you are in Earth

Trading Instruments and Market analysis can help you make the market appear less unnerving and more approachable.

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How to use TrendyStock Screeners

Video 1: Introduction- What you will learn here and screeners

Video 2: Technical Chart setup- Multi chart in one screen

Video 3: MACD+MFI+volatility 15 min advance intraday stock screener for stock option trading and live demo

Video 4: Price volume screener with live demo

Video 5: Intraday 5 Min Break out stock screener with live demo(Bottleneck pattern)

Video 6: Choose BTST stock for stock Option trading @2.20 pm. How to select intraday stock for tomorrow morning from today @2.20 pm

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